The advantages of Infiltrator chambers add up to cost savings on labor, materials and time savings on the job. Have a big project for Infiltrator Chambers in North Carolina. The purpose of this product information sheet is to provide specific design and . installation information pertinent for the use of Infiltrator Quick4 Plus chambers in North Carolina. For more detailed design information, please contact Infiltrator Water Technologies at 1-800-221-4436. North Carolina Infiltrator Water Technologies, LLC is the leading provider of engineered plastic chambers, synthetic aggregate leachfields, tanks, and accessories for the onsite wastewater industry. The Infiltrator Chamber System.

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Chambers can, theoretically, store a higher capacity of water. The chambers themselves can hold 3 or 4 times more water than the equivalent length of 4” pipe. However, the trench size for both products is the same – the pipe or chamber is laid in a 2’ wide trench and then covered with gravel. ADS HDPE Septic Chamber.

Have a big project for Infiltrator Chambers in North Carolina. The purpose of this product information sheet is to provide specific design and .

Infiltrator chambers

Call for Pricing. $. Infiltrator Systems Quick4™ 16 in. High Capacity Quick End Cap Chamber.

They are installed in trenches or beds without gravel (except where local codes require the use of gravel). The entire bottom of the trench is open for unobstructed infiltration of water. The large storage volume within the hollow chambers accommodates peak flows of effluent Infiltrator chambers can be used in installations of pressurized sand mounds, beds, and trench systems. There is a variety of system inletting options to choose from. The Quick4 chamber was designed to improve chamber perfor-mance in sands with a footprint area 21% larger than traditional Infiltrator chambers.
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Infiltrator chambers

EQ36P6 INFIL EQUALIZER 36 END PLATE (6") (PALLET QTY. 96) "OLD STYLE". Infiltrator chambers are molded of PolyTuff, a proprietary blend of polyolefin plastic that includes recycled resins and is formulated for optimum strength and chemical resistance. It's impervious to wastewater constituents and is stabilized to resist ultraviolet rays. Infiltrator chambers are manufactured Infiltrator Chambers. Infiltrator Quick 4 Plus Low Profile Equalizer 36 Chambers. 22'' W x 53'' L x 8'' H - SOLD ONLY IN ILLINOIS. Item #:Q4+EQ36LP.

0. Share. Infiltrator Chamber  Infiltrator is one of north America's top plastic recyclers and the world's leading manufacturer of leach field drainage chambers and septic tanks. The chambers are  Infiltrator Quick 4 Equalizer 36 Chambers (22" x 53" x 12"). Infiltrator leaching chamber septic field design tips and Plastic Septic Tanks | Infiltrator Water  High Capacity Quick 4 Plus Chamber. 19.3 sf/unit.
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12. 8. 24. All chambers can be installed in a bed. Ask your local Infiltrator sales representative for specific information on various system-inletting options. QUICK4 PLUS  Items 1 - 7 of 7 Infiltrator Chambers · Q4EQ36 INFIL QUICK4 EQUALIZER 36 CHAMBER ( PALLET QTY. · Q4-EQ36LP INFIL QUICK4 + EQUALIZER 36 CHAMBER "  Septic & Drainfield Infiltrator Chambers.

Size: 22"W x 53"L x 8"H (559 mm x 1346 mm x 203 mm) Effective Length: 48" (1219 mm) Compatible with Quick4 Plus All-In-One 8 Endcap and Quick4 Plus Endcap. Quick4 Plus Equalizer 36 Low Profile Cut Sheet Infiltrator Chambers. Page Loading EQ36QC INFIL EQUALIZER 36QUICK CUT CHAMBER (PALLET QTY. 80) "OLD STYLE" 22"X 101"X 13-1/2".
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Your local for Quick4 chambers in bed systems. Prepare the chamber bed's sub grade soil as outlined in the. A leaching chamber is a wastewater treatment system consisting chambers receive wastewater flow from a septic tank Source: Infiltrator Systems Inc., 2000 . Q4+STD INFILTRATOR QUICK4 PLUS STANDARD CHAMBER 34"W X 48"L X 12" W/TWO CENTER SUPPORTS (SOLD PER UNIT, 85 UNITS PER PALLET. Infiltrator. compare.

A.J. Foss is your source for state-of-the-art plastic chambers by Infiltrator Systems, Inc., an innovative leader in the production of onsite chambers. We carry the two most popular models, including the Quick 4™ Standard Chamber, and the Quick 4™ Equalizer Chamber. nfiItratorChàmbersSys m Septic Tane . Sidewihdei .

Infiltrator™ Chambers eliminate use of contaminated aggregate such as builders’ rubble, wet concrete or mortar waste, empty cement bags, litter, etc, during construction. Infiltrator ™is supplied with an access port, which allows for: o Post construction inspection access; 2005-04-02 · 3. Equalizer 36 and Quick4 Equalizer 36 chamber units consist of injection molded polyethylene or polypropylene. 4. Sixteen Infiltrator Standard or High Capacity chambers are approximately equal to 100 linear feet. 5. Twelve Equalizer 36 chambers are approximately equal to 100 linear feet.